Introduction Post: King Tiger Prototype (finished)

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Dear fellow modelers,

After several years using Missing Lynx as a very valuable source of information for my builds, Al last I've decided to share my work here :)

I live in the beautiful north-west corner of Spain and I've been building models since 13 years ago. I work mainly in 1/72 in vehicles and 1/72 and sometimes 1/48 for airplanes. I'm focused on modern subjects so far, in fact the King Tiger than I'm showing you was my last WW2 build, approximately one year and a half ago.

The model tries to represent one of the early prototypes of the King Tiger. I've just gathered information about these prototype tanks, and I represented my free interpretation. The kit used is Trumpeter's with Voyager's PE for the grilles and some other small details The worst part of the kit are the tracks, they are too short and very difficult to glue with any adhesive.
In order to represent a prototype, some modifications were performed, the most important were: tools, supports and MG were removed and the exhaust pipes and mudguards were rebuilt based on the available pictures.

The painting process was very funny, I wanted to try some interesting things to enhance the single color paint job. The chipping is likely overdone, but it's kind of my signature 😁

Hope that it likes to you. All comments, critics, questions and suggestions will be welcome! 

IMG_4739.JPG IMG_4743.JPG IMG_4744.JPG IMG_4746.JPG IMG_4752.JPG IMG_4756.JPG IMG_4757.JPG IMG_4760.JPG


My free time is quite limited but I'll try to share my current WIP's with you.

Thank you! 

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Very nicely done Roman.

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Hello Roman,

Welcome to the DG, it is always nice to see new names appearing on the board.  I rally like what you have done to the Trumpeter King Tiger, something a little different and interesting.  I could never really get on with Trumpeter tracks either and give thanks for OKB replacement tracks, they really are a great product.  Though they posed you with problems, you seem to have conquered them and they look good.  Chipping is a very personal thing, in my opinion, some people like to show it well advanced, others less so, it is really what you like doing and it obviously is your preference to show the chipping fairly advanced.  I do like how you have done the streaking and weathering, it makes the single colour more interesting and gives a good overall effect. Jolly well done, I shall look forward to your next project.

All the best,

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Hi Roman,
Welcome here!
Your King Tiger is really heavy metal with your painting approach.
After all it can be a much used one  seen later in the war, and then its material is well represented.
Peter van Kempen.

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Welcome aboard,great job on the modulation and weathering.

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Looks great Roman, very nicely done.
I do like the chipping effect, some may think overdone but I say it looks used and abused and the chipping method is very convincing.
Very nice work.
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Welcome, that is a really good portrayal of the King Tiger! Don't worry about the chipping, I have a strong feeling the Germans were not big on paint touch ups at that point of the war!!!
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Great job.
Great weathering.
And a warm welcome.

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Welcome to the Braille Scale discussion groups. That is an excellent 'calling card' to introduce us to you. Excellent work man!
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