Use of firing supports on the 57mm AT Gun?


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Use of firing supports on the 57mm AT Gun?

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June 22nd, 2012, 11:59 pm #1

Just started putting together the new Orange Hobby 57mm AT Gun. Instructions show a travel mode and a firing mode. The firing mode shows the firing supports (a skid like support on the axle) lowered to the ground raising the wheel off the ground. The Field Manual calls for the gun to be set on the supports whenever fired.

However, in the few photos I have of the 57mm in action, I can't see these supports being used. Anyone out there have a photo of their use? From what I've read, the 57mm kicked like a mule when fired. (so much so that the FM suggests two of the assistants lay across the trails, if the spades aren't set fully.) It would seem to me that these firing supports would do little to prevent backward motion during recoil and actually slow down returning the gun to its original position for a second shot.