Trackpad Newsletter December 2016

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December 10th, 2016, 4:15 pm #1

Trackpad has a new book to announce which we are quite excited about. Due for publication on December 15, it is already our best seller!!

The book, Danish Leopards in Helmand – From the crew’s perspective is written by Danish author, Thomas Antonsen.
Pre-orders are very welcome by clicking on the link here:-) ... in-helmand

It tells the story of the life of the Danish tankers in the Afghan desert, about their battle against Taliban insurgents, and about their victories and their losses. It provides the reader with a truly personal account of how it was to have the Leopard 2 tank as your workplace in an environment where mistakes can kill you, and where the enemy is often just a silhouette in the thermal sight.

Danish Leopard 2s were deployed to Afghanistan from 2007 to 2014. They were used in combat operations from the outset to the end of the Danish deployment. The Leopards were the last Danish combat units to leave Afghanistan because their services were highly praised by other NATO partners who wanted to keep them in theatre as long as possible.

This book is about the men who operated these machines in their own words, crews extensively interviewed to gain an insight into the life of a tanker in an alien operational theatre thousands of miles from home.

Recently released is the latest Foto Focus book, 1A5 - The Ultimate Leopard 1!1a5 ... ard-1/c14l

The book takes a thorough look around the exterior of the Leopard 1A5. For the modeller, this is the ultimate walkaround for an accurate model. For the armour enthusiast, it describes Leopard 1A5 in great detail.

Leopard 1 was originally conceived in the 1960s to face the threat of the Soviet T-54, T-55 and T-62. By 1980, it had to face the more formidable T-64 and T-72. Fitted with a revolutionary fire-control system, it was the first to use a laser rangefinder allowing all-weather, day or night, vision. Together with an upgrade in ammunition and many other modifications, it became the Ultimate Leopard 1.

This Model Foto Focus includes colour full-view In-the Field and a large number of walkaround captioned photographs, making for a compelling collection of images. In its 80 pages are over 260 photos, some of which are full page size.

Also available now, is Danish Leopard 1A5DK1!dan ... a5dk1/c5x3

And, of course, don’t forget Biber - Leopard 1 Bridgelayer!bib ... ayer/c1miy and the other books from Trackpad.