To The Last Bullet book, Comet progress and Rob Lanes latest figures.

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To The Last Bullet book, Comet progress and Rob Lanes latest figures.

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May 2nd, 2010, 4:31 pm #1

I'd better mention, the Comet and figures are to 1:48th scale!

Now I am actually cutting master material rather than fiddling with electrons, I thought you guys might like to see a couple of progress images of the Comet A34 masters. There is still a lot to do, so I can't give a release date yet, but I am hoping to have it ready for the Yate show (Avon IPMS) in August. Price likewise is not yet decided, and depending on the result of next weeks election, we Brits might all be living in caves yet......

Anyway, please excuse the pic quality, my tripod seems to have gone walkabout!


Churchill is still at the CAD stage, but as soon as I have something solid I'll post some more images. Rob Lane has finished the next figure set for Fighting 48th! and these are now available at our web shop,

We also have the latest book from Dennis Oliver, entitled To the Last Bullet, and it includes 24 pages of colour profiles, featuring tanks, StuGs, Half Tracks and more from the final days of Germany's Eastern Front. Newsletter will follow shortly to all existing customers and subscribers.

Tim Perry

PS, yes, I know the mantlet lip should wedge-shaped!! There is a lot of shaping to do on these masters yet, as well as detail work, weld seams and so on! Sometimes, if a shape is a real stinker, it is easier to make an oversize block in the CAD and whip it into shape the old-fashioned way when it is made into a solid part.
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