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Figure scale comparison...
(thanks to Jorg Fiedler)

From left to right (Preiser as reference)

Preiser , SHQ , TQD , CMSC , AB figures , Martello International , El Viejo Dragón Miniaturas , Lammercraft , Alemany

Resin figures...

Left to right :

Preiser , Milicast , FCM , ADV , MGM , Goofy , MIG , CMK , RetroKit , Gum Smith figures

The black line is 25mm...

Photograph advice from Dan Taylor... ... use+iPhone

Dan-Taylor wrote: Morning All
It might not be entirely original but it's new to me and just saved me half an hour.

So, here's the dilemma: Whenever I finish a scratch build there's always half a scale ton of various pieces of plastic card spread across my desk.  Being wildly ecological (bearing in mind that the eco-nazis are sharpening their tools for anything made of plastic), I keep a little box that allows me to find suitable off-cuts quickly. Here it is:

 The trouble is it takes an age to sort all the bits into the correct recepticle.  I'm so anally retentive that I've been known to use a micrometer to make sure there are no errors!

Anyway, the solution is this.  

All I've done is attach an example of each thickness to a piece of foamex.  Now all I have to do is lay the offcut next to the relevant example and the thickness is immediately revealed.  For those of you who have benefitted from the metric system, 60-thou +1.5mm; 40-thou = 1mm; 30-thou = 0.75mm; 20-thou = 0.5mm; 15-thou = 0.35mm; 10-thou = 0.25mm and 5-thou = bloody thin.

I feel most of you may have jumped this hurdle before but perhaps it will be useful for someone.

All the best
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When paint figures, shade in the skin ( face, hands , feet) with brown color ink drawing, when dry skin is shaded giving depth to features

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For those looking for cheap fine mesh and keeping the lady happy at the same time!
Cheers,  Alfred

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