TANKART 4 German Armor (2nd Ed) Pre-Order Open

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TANKART 4 German Armor (2nd Ed) Pre-Order Open

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February 20th, 2017, 10:34 pm #1

Hi guys,

After being OOP for over a year, TA4 is coming back in-stock at RSP. This 2nd Edition printing is expanded by 32-pages over the previous content. More room has been given to create a more complete discussion involving the existing 6 chapters (2 Technique/How-to and 4 model chapters). NOTE: A special PDF will be offered in the future that contains the edited content for previous edition owners.

You can order the latest RSP books here: www.rinaldistudiopress.com

TANKART 4 German Armor (2nd Ed)
• 8.5" x 9.5", 256-pages, matt lamented softcover with Lay-Flat binding.
• 2 Technique/How-to chapters on Technique Proficiency & Winter Whitewash (covering a Panzer IV Ausf F1, an Elefant, a StuG III Ausf B, and a Hetzer).
• 4 model chapters showcasing a Zimmerit Tiger II (Prod Turret), Grille Ausf M in hard-edge 3-tone camo, a whitewashed Sturm 33B, and late-war Nashorn in disc camo.
• Special guest author chapter by Mario Eens and his Buetepanzer Char B1 bis.

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