T-34 76,2mm L/41,5 F-34 barrel


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T-34 76,2mm L/41,5 F-34 barrel

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I'm coming from the dark side, but have a passion for the T-34...
I would like to know if there is a accurate metal barrel available? I have already bought some, but so far all are somehow wrong, or with other words, aren't really perfect.
I have bought the RB barrel 35B18, but this barrel is way too short, it looks more like the early L-11 gun.
Then I bought the Armorscale barrel which has the right length, except that the thicker part/collar at the tip of the barrel is too short compared with drawings...
Then I bought the ABER 35L34 barrel which has the correct length of the barrel and the correct length of the collar at the front of the barrel, but the side walls of the barrel are too thick and the bore too small. That doesn't look right...

I'm building also the T-34 STZ from Dragon at the moment and a metal barrel is included which has the right size (barrel length and collar/thicker barrelfront), but unfortunately no rifling:-( I could live with that, but unfortunately the metal barrel is not included in all Dragon T-34 kits. So my last hope is the CMK barrel, but unfortunately they are all sold out at the online shops where I usually buy.

Is there any other aftermarket company which has an accurate T-34 76,2mm L/41,5 barrel?

Thanks in advance!


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