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January 7th, 2009, 1:07 am #1

Dear All,

For those researchers among you who have heard or encountered 'sudek13' on their road and who maybe thought that his photos would disappear for ever in a dark vault we can say that contrary to this general believe this is not the case.
His collection is being digitized and a website has been created.
The site is still in its early days with many features and tools to be added the next six months or so.
At the moment some 2.000+ photos have been uploaded with tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands to be added.
Access to the website is only through membership (i.e. registration with your first name, family name and email address. No alias or nicknames!). Reason for this has everything to do with the wish of the team to know who desires to become a member of the family.
Remark that maybe a number of visitors will be disappointed that the photos are only thumbs for cat.1 visitors. The reason for this is clearly explained at the home page which you will see as soon as you have registered.
While the owner of the photos and his team are more than interested to collaborate you will most probably understand that a cllection which has cost a real fortune to create only makes a chance to become even better through the addition of extra material and the help by kindred spirits.
Cat.2 members will be able to read the captions and to see bigger images.
To keep things short the closer the collaboration and the more the spirits are of a kindred nature the more the archive team will support and help those who are looking for any pictures which would help their research or help to illustrate their publications.
Money is not the aim of the archive, but to create an exceptional source of written and visual information is what has been dreamed of since the first day 'sudek13' started to collect photos.
Several collectors / researchers have already joined the team and give the best of themselves to help realize a long lived dream.
Kind regards,
Stefan De Meyer


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great news!

January 7th, 2009, 12:18 pm #2

I haven't registered with the website yet,
but if Sudek really opens his archives to
the public he deserves our greatest thankfulness !