StuG IV Fgst 88361 Krupp - Hull Manufacture Date ?


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StuG IV Fgst 88361 Krupp - Hull Manufacture Date ?

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June 1st, 2017, 3:00 pm #1

Numbers found on the hull of this particular StuG IV correspond to the contract Fgst.Nr.Serie 88100-88600 assigned to Krupp 9/.B.W ( Panzer IV Ausf.H )these numbers neither correspond to the Fgst.Serie assigned to either Vomag Or Nibelungen - or indeed the unique numbers assigned to Krupp for StuG IV production 100001-100650 ( or indeed the Ni-Werke chassis supplied to Krupp - Fgst.Serie 89234-89383 ) this vehicle was supplied to the "Brandenburg" Division in January 1945 - can anyone calculate when the hull was manufactured by apparently Krupp ?!