StuG III f,F/8 or G with early idler wheel and/or early drive sprocket


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StuG III f,F/8 or G with early idler wheel and/or early drive sprocket

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Hi guys. I'm locking for pic of stuG III with long barrel (F,F/8 and/or G, not A-D upgunned)and with early drive sprocket and/or with early idler wheels. I don't knows if this was posible.


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I knew i have a photo of this somewhere and have found it. I can't psot the pics as to scan the photo would mean damaging the book its in. So here are the details.

The books its in is
MK Editions.
Militar's kits hors series no3 stug III. The ISBN number is 2-95009986-3-1 published in 2000.

MK35 editions
Chemin des Esperettes
30200 Saint-Laurent de Carnols

the photo is on page 65.

the details of the stug III are as follow.

Its a StuG III ausg G built on a pz III ausf M chasis. The photo shows the brake access doors open, so this is how you can tell is on a pz3 chasis.


sproket is the later type.
idler wheel is the early 'solid' (ausf B )type on the left hand side position.
Return rollers are rubber

Mantle is welded block type.

commanders cupola has reinforced concrete added by the troops

there a field made cover over the gunners aiming periscope.

Trust this helps you.


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