Still another wash question-

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Still another wash question-

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April 29th, 2006, 7:39 pm #1

I have a Panther G with steelwheels and it is painted in a flat green.I have been trying to get a good wash on the roadwheels and so far I have had zero luck. Here is what I have tried and if there are any suggestions,I would really appreciate it.I sprayed the wheels with Future and have tried the following washes.
1.Black windsor newton-Lamp black
2.Black w/n with burnt sienna
3.Raw umber w/n
4.raw umber with black w/n
All have been thined with Humbrol thinner.These combos all seem to work well on Dunlegelb,but not on the green.All the above combos just flow bad and look bad when dry.
Any help is most appreciated.Thanks. Ted Nichols

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May 3rd, 2006, 8:33 am #2

Hi Ted,i'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'look's bad',do you mean the wash has dried in a non-uniform way with tide mark's etc. and generally look's uneven?
If this is the case a method i'm now using with my wash's is to put several heavy coat's (of the wash) on,let dry for about 20/30 min's.
Then using sponge tip applicator's (your local drugstore,lady's makeup counter) dipped in thinner's i gently blot my wash,keep cleaning the sponge tip by dipping in thinner's and blotting on kitchen paper and continue blotting your wash until you are satisfied with the result's.
Done correctly the sponge tip's will remove the wash from the high point's and leave a super subtle wash residue around the detail's -just what you want.
I use raw umber oil for my wash's but just recently i've been mixing a little Mig pigment in with the oil wash as well as the pigment add's a bit more depth and colour variation when it's all dry.
Just a suggestion but try adding some light coloured pigment to your wash as the contrast between flat green and light earth should be more noticeable than flat green and raw umber.
Anyway if you've futured the wheel's prior to washing you should be able to clean up any mistake's and keep starting again.
Experiment and make a wash solution from only light coloured pigment,applied and removed in exactly the same way as above and see what that look's like-if you don't like it remove it with your sponge tip's and clean thinner's and start again.
I don't know if any of this will help but get back to me if you have any more question's.