Special offer from The Research Squad

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Special offer from The Research Squad

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June 5th, 2012, 2:39 pm #1

Research Squad Special offer - £45

Full details at http://www.thresearchsquad.com

While stocks last we are selling a combination pack of the following six items which would normally cost £90:

1. Tiger combined CD comprising of:
CD1 -Tiger E and Command Tiger Turret Equipment & Operating Instructions D656/22. Copies of both the original German and English translations are included. New content includes 132 new images of Tigers at Bovington and Kubinka museums, and 79 exclusive new isometric illustrations of Turret and Hull components.

CD2 - Tiger Manual D 656/21 - covers equipment and operating instructions of the chassis. There are 198 pages with 57 photographs and 19 schematic drawings.

CD3 - Service manual D 656/30 for the Maybach 230 P45 Engine and Gearbox. There are 157 pages with 217 photographs. Each Photograph is fully described. There are also 5 schematic drawings.

2. Panther turret and hull CD - Manuals D 655/1b
348 pages, Original German texts, 77 Original turret diagrams and photos, Full colour copy of D655/1b, 34 pages of all new Isometric views of the Turret and Hull components.

3. The Panther Project Vol 1: Drivetrain and Hull - (Book)
96 page photostudy of the initial stages of the restoration of a Panther at the Wheatcroft Collection. This volume is primarily concerned with an examination of the interior of the hull, suspension elements, gear train and drive components, completed parts awaiting installation, and some about to undergo restoration. Also included is a reasonably complete history of this vehicle as we know of it to this date. Thumbnails of all pages can be seen here

4. The Panther Project DVD - 1.6Gb data dvd of information including:
380+ Archive Images, Recent photo studies Quicktime 360 degree VR interior panoramas, Accurate drawings printable in four scales Camouflage schemes, Unit emblems, Tactical Markings, Unit Histories, Campaign maps, Current restoration projects, Manufacturing details, Model Ranges Development vehicles, Video clips, and interactive timelimes showing factory and field modification dates.