SdKfz 251 Ausf. A with 7.5 cm KwK L/70

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Although this vehicle seems to be more a paper panzer project, there are at least two different pictures existing
which prove, that this self propelled gun has been realized, at least as a prototype, which has been 
presented during a "Waffenschau" (weapon demonstration show).

When checking the references, there was even an attempt, to fit a 8.8cm Pak on the same chassis.
I will also show some pictures of that version later. However, as everybody could imagine, both layouts failed.
The chassis was not suitable to really compensate the weight as well the energy when in firing mode.

Based on that, further development was discontinued.

SdKfz 1.jpg SdKfz 2.jpg SdKfz 3.jpg SdKfz 4.jpg

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I'd hate to be on that vehicle when that gun went off!  Great job and the figure is also very nicely done....
D J Judge