Schneider CA M1 et surblindé - une question.

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Schneider CA M1 et surblindé - une question.

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February 19th, 2016, 3:41 pm #1

Please forgive my use of English. I have been told that Google Translate is insulting to the French eye.

From what I understand the early production M1’s did not have several of the external features seen on later M2’s; electric head light & carbide lamp, vertical exhaust pipe, roof rack, rear fuel tanks & mud déflecteurs, roof panneau d’appel, plank hooks, left side door and the surblindé.

Also that the surblindé began to be retro-fitted to the early M1’s in the spring of 1917.

The Schneider’s operational debut (but not combat) was 17 February 1917 at Beuvraigne, then on 20 March 1917 at Tilloloy.

Would all the early M1’s have been retro-fitted with the surblindé by February? For that matter, were they all up armoured by the battle at Chemin-des-Dames in April?

Thanks, eh.
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