Resin and Detail kit FS (US only)

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Resin and Detail kit FS (US only)

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June 28th, 2012, 8:18 pm #1

I am slowly going through my "stash' and cleaning out things I know I don't need (abandoned or never started project ideas. Here are 4 items I've picked up along the way.
All payments via PayPal and I'll ship USPS Priority.

1 - Armour Track Models Kit #TK-05 $10 plus 7.00 shipping - $17.00 PENDING
Workable Track links for T-54/55/early 62 - similar to Model Kasten
580mm scale width
Includes resin sprockets & idlers.
Plus Eduard T-55 Interior set for the Skif kit.
( has a review - google search for armor track models t-55)

2 - Hobby R (or R Hobby?) kit T-3502 - $6.00 plus $4.00 shipping - $10.00 SOLD
PLDvK V2 53/59 Twin 30mm AA gun
Small resin kit of the gun and mount.
No idea where this came from, Hobby R sold the set with a Praga tuck as 3501, this is like selling the M-16 gun separately from the half-track.
Still a neat and unique kit - used in the Balkans and in other 3rd world areas.

3 - ADV/Azimut 152mm Howitzer Obr.37 - $20.00 plus $7.00 shipping $27.00 PENDING
Classic Russian Artillery piece.
Used by both the Red Army and Germany (on the Western Wall)
Box is open but all parts still in bags (I think it came that way)
Check out PinupminiaturersStudio for a build picture.

4 - Airmodel M198 Howitzer kit# AM-1055 $25.00 plus $7.00 shipping $32.00
Really nice resin kit with an aluminum barrel
Still listed by Airmodel, but not cheap.
Been collecting dust for sometime - needs a new home

Email me at mb.saransk at with questions. Wanted to see if anyone wants these before I overcharge for them on the big electronic garage sale.

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