Regarding Recent Off-Topic Postings - my two cents

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Hi all,

As Adam has already raised, I too have noticed a few off-topic postings creeping in here and there in the last weeks.

One of the key strengths of Missing-Lynx has been strict adherance to on-topic subjects in specific Forums. My view is that the "delete" button should be used as often as required. This is the best way to get the message across.

If any Forum is suffering from a particular trouble maker, just let me know and I can drop them a note or, if appropriate, drop their membership and block access. I have banned one member in the last few weeks for a flagrant transgression.

I have deleted the Mission Models thread from the CC Forum, as it has nothing to do with model photos. I have also deleted the "Tap Into America" thread on General (what the heck was that supposed to be about), and also the expression of sympathy on the same Forum that quickly degraded into an undignified debate.

I really do appreciate the tireless and largely thankless work of Missing-Lynx's Moderators. I am very pleased to say that the number of off-topic postings and general nastiness is far, far less here than it is at my <EM>other </EM>place! This is entirely thanks to your efforts.

Bye for now,


missing-lynx team

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Thanks for addressing this for us Brett