Reference, Toadman's Tank Pictures CD #14, A34 Comet

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Reference, Toadman's Tank Pictures CD #14, A34 Comet

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CD #14, A34 Comet. Contains 258 color photographs on a single CD. Price: $7.95 USD, plus shipping.

While the recent issue of a styrene plastic kit of the A34 Comet, from Bronco of Hong Kong, generated quite a bit of excitement, those modelers that wish to do it justice have next-to-nothing as references. The Comet is covered peripherally in several books, but there is nothing dedicated to it specifically and certainly nothing that shows the vehicle’s features in detail. So, this latest photo CD from “Toadman” (modeler Chris Hughes) is not only timely, but extremely welcome.

This CD has an easily accessed Table of Contents, further broken down into the main sections of the vehicle. They include:

• Introduction.
• Turret Exterior.
• Hull Exterior.
• Suspension.
• Turret Interior.
• Hull Interior.

All sections are further broken down into individually-titled photos; at the end of each section a simple click will get you to the following section or the main TOC. Some photos have a direct link to a closely-related companion photo (for instance, some of the road-wheels differ from each other and a photo caption for one will contain a direct link to the other). The captions, BTW are brief but informative.

The quality of the images is excellent. Exposure and focus is fine, and many, many smaller details are shown to excellent advantage. My favorite set has to be the turret exterior. The Bronco kit has some omissions and simplifications in this area; this CD will provide all the information needed for the detailer to add as much as desired. Likewise, those who wish to further detail the gun breech or the remainder of the interior of the turret or hull will find this CD to be an invaluable resource. The type of Comet depicted has features associated with those used in late WW2 in Europe, but without either version of the so-called “Normandy Cowl”.

The CD is professionally-labeled and comes in a slim jewel case. Each CD now includes a product number to ease ordering a copy. This will also allow the modeler to know how many others are in the series, if he wishes to “back-track” and procure the rest. It is also properly packed to withstand the vagaries of the international postal system.

To conclude: this is an extremely useful, excellently presented, very economical and extraordinarily timely release.

Highly recommended.

Frank V. De Sisto

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