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CD #21, Toadmans Czech T-55A Photo Detail Compact Disk. Contains 259 color photographs, with introductory text, image captions and a list of references.

Chris Hughes, the Man Behind the Toad, has just sent along his latest photo CD for review. This one covers a variant of the most widely-produced post-war MBT, the Soviet-designed T-55. In particular, the coverage concentrates on a Czech-built example held in the late Mr. Jacque Littlefields collection. This in turn, will provide an excellent point of reference for anyone contemplating the Tamiya T-55 kit, which has options for a Czech-built tank.

Following a brief introduction that includes acknowledgments and a brief reference bibliography, the modeler is directed by the CDs menu to various sections such as:

Turret Exterior.
Hull Exterior.
Turret Interior and Fighting Compartment.
Drivers Compartment.

From there, each image is viewed in turn with a mouse-click. Coverage is particularly comprehensive since the Toadman had almost complete access to the vehicle. All major external components are covered in great detail as are the internal bits. Although not specifically listed in the titles section, there is a fair amount of coverage of the engine and some bits of the compartment in which it sits. Additional photography is credited to Robert De Craecker, with several unusual images making an appearance.

Throughout, the images are crisp, well-composed and properly exposed. They are logically ordered within their sections, which in turn are also sensibly divided. The photographer is a modeler, so his instinct for showing certain items is usually on the mark. Each image is captioned informatively, if rather briefly.

This is a sound product, with extraordinary value for money spent, especially when compared to a similar printed work on the T-55. Modelers on a budget can do no better, while those who may already have books on the subject should feel no compunctions about adding this CD to their reference library.

Highly recommended.

Frank V. De Sisto

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