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The prize draw has been carried out by my good wife, utilising Gardening Hat No.4, and the name that came out of the hat was...

Dave Hughes

Well done Dave, as soon as I get your address I will send the prizes off to you.

For those that are interested the answers were (provided by Andy Lang)...

Q1) Which army used this light tank design in action during 1941 ?

Answer: This is the Czech AH-IV design, exported to Romania in the late 1930’s – where it was known as the R-1.   They were used by the Romanian cavalry brigades during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.  For some reason, these light tanks were marked with roundels, whereas the 
LT vz 35 (Pzkpfw 35(t)) tanks also used by the Romanians had crosses.

Q2) This is clearly a Light Tank Mk VIB, but what is unusual about it ?  In what campaign is it participating ?

Answer:  The tank is an Indian Pattern Light Tank Mk VIB – note that it doesn’t have a cupola, unlike the version built for the British Army.  It is in use with 14th/20th Hussars, during the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran in August 1941: the soldiers on horseback are Iranians.  Churchill insisted that his staff officers refer to Iran by its old name of Persia – he said that he got confused between Iran and Iraq, and didn’t want to invade the wrong country by mistake.  There is a link to the Romanian AH-IV photo above: the Iranian army also had the AH-IV, but they didn’t take any part in the brief fighting with the Anglo-Soviet forces in 1941.

Q3) What type is this tank ?  In what campaign is it participating ?

Answer: It is a Czech LTP light tank in use with the Peruvian army during the brief war with Ecuador in August 1941.  The type was known as the Tanque 39 in Peruvian service: some were still in operational use against Shining Path guerrillas in the late 1980’s – a career of nearly 50 years.  According to the Peruvian photo caption, the motorcycles are Harleys.

Q4) What is unusual about this Finnish tank in autumn 1941 ?

Answer:  This is a challenging question on a number of levels.  It is a Finnish 6-Ton tank re-armed with a Soviet 45mm gun, not a captured T-26.  The Finns bought 32 6-Ton tanks from the UK shortly before WW2.  They subsequently replaced their original armament with 45mm guns from Soviet tanks captured during the Winter War.  However, the really unusual aspect of this photo is that the 6-Ton tank pictured is the original prototype that the Finns bought for trials in the early 1930’s – it was substantially different to the 32 production tanks purchased from Vickers thereafter.  The second bit of the answer is really tricky: if no-one gets it right, put people in the hat if they identify it as a Finnish Vickers 6-Ton tank with a Soviet 45mm gun.

So many thanks to Andy for a cracking set of questions, thanks to Tracy at Armourfast, Dan at Dan Taylor's Modelworks and Pete Marshall at Aleran Decals for the prizes that Dave will have winging their way to him.

Those of you who weren't fortunate enough to win this time, my commiserations, better luck next time.

All the best,

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Congratulations! Well deserved. It was a very challenging quiz yet very inspiring. Thank you!

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Well bugger me gently  with a fish fork.

Only entered this one because I've always been a bit of a fan of Romanian stuff.....lol. Thanks to Paul and the missus...and thanks to Andy for making me use my brainbox...always nice to do some random research and learn something along the way.

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Firstly, congratulations to Dave Hughes and many thanks to all who entered this month's Quick Quiz.  I've compiled a couple of these quizzes now: my main motivation has been to ease Paul's workload a bit.  Some have mentioned that my quiz questions cover subjects that they don't know.  The truth is that I don't know much about anything else - I could never set a quiz covering softskins, modern armour or Tigers.

I do try to follow Paul's guidance of posing a couple of easier questions, one middling & one headscratcher - the Finnish Vickers was certainly the latter.  I also try to have a question that can't be answered with a reverse image search.  I have thought of another quiz topic - no-one at my local model group would be surprised to see it from me.  I'll pass the questions to Paul in due course, for him to use or not use as he sees fit.  Of course, it'd be good if others could set the occasional quiz - we might get some questions about softskins, modern armour or Tigers...

All the best

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PAUL GILES wrote: The prize draw has been carried out by my good wife, utilising Gardening Hat No.4, and the name that came out of the hat was...

I hate to be pedantic (or do I?), but the correct denomination for the 'Gardening Hat No.4' was actually 'Hat, Gardening, Brimmed, Mark 4', and was a limited-issue item restricted to holders of an official Gardener's Brevet under the condition that it no be used for any other purpose, however practical as it may seem.

Your using it for a private draw clearly constitutes a grave breach of its terms of use, which might however possibly be pardoned by invoking the 30-years' Rule, but even so this might probably only be sanctioned by a Court Martial ruling, for which members of this forum will assuredly provide you with all the support we can give.

Congratulations to Dave and all those who have found the correct answers to questions far beyond me, as the other Quizzes usually are...


PS You'll have to excuse this intervention of mine, it appears I may have been reading too many Administrative Orders lately 😊

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Great reply Michel! Thanks for keeping us all in line! LOL!
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