Pz IVJ production changes. Long text & images (4 POSTS to follow)

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About a month ago Dean Howard started a thread that asked about the chronology of some of the changes made to the last production model of the IVJ. During the thread I asked question about the deletion of the vision port on the front of the turret. The answer came back that it was in 1942.

However this refers to the initial deletion of the right of the two vision ports during early Ausf G production and not the deletion of the final left one during Ausf J production. As the images below show some late models had no vision ports at all on the front of the turret. This is mentioned In Panzer Tracks 4 when describing a photo and is included (excluded) in the line drawing but a specific date is not included in the main text.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image 4: (looks as if this vehicle could have handles instead of armoured covers on the brake access doors (very fuzzy photo –is that a figure on the grassy knoll?) but I am still not convinced this ever happened and that this is associated to their use on late PzIV/70s. (However SEE POST 5)

Image 5: interior looking forward from gun breach

The same question then, when was the final vision port deleted?

The specifics of the final group of changes in Nov, Dec’44 & Jan’45 that ended the development of the Ausf J are very cloudy. I have had to split the thoughts and questions arising from this into 4 more posts, so as not to confuse myself too much.

I apologise in advance for all this PZ IV stuff in one go, the Panthers (Cologne & all) can get the forum back once I’m finished.


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