Please Change User Name to Your Real Name (Tutorial Included)

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12:14 AM - Apr 13, 2018 #1

Hi all,

Missing-Lynx has a long tradition of using real names on its Forums. With the migration from Network 54 to Tapatalk, we have reverted to login names that may not reflect our users' real names.

Now that the migration is complete, we can change our login names to reflect our real names.

Please note that, unlike Network 54, you can now have spaces in your user names here on Tapatalk, so if your name is Joe Bloggs, you can have the user name Joe Bloggs.

However, the user name must be unique, so if there is already a Joe Bloggs registered you will have to make some subtle variation such as a middle initial or a number (e.g. Joe Q Bloggs, Joe Bloggs 1961).

After you have changed your user name, you will use this new name to log in.

To change your username, please follow the steps below:

1) Click the arrow next to your username at the top right of the page, and select User Control Panel

2) In the User Control Panel, click the Profile tab

3) Click Edit account settings

4) Change your username on the account settings page.

5) Enter your current password.

6) Submit the changes.

7) You will see confirmation of the change.

Your name will change on the board. It will also change in any previous posts you have made with that profile.