Pictures of Polish SU-76M needed.

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I'm looking for ANY pictures of SU-76M in Polish service.
Trust me, i tried all usual sources, Google and such with very little to no success.
Maybe i just don't know where to look, IDK.
I'm mostly interested in pictures taken AFTER WWII but anything else would be greatly appreciated too.

Panie i panowie.
Poszukuje zdjec dział samobieżnych SU-76M w kolorach Ludowego Wojska Polskiego.
Szukałem sam, ale albo nigdzie ich nie ma albo po prostu nie wiem gdzie szukać. Google znajduje jedynie trzy zdjęcia godne uwagi.
Najbardziej interesują mnie zdjęcia tych pojazdów z czasów po zakończeniu WW II, najlepiej z walk w Bieszczadach, ale, że na bezrybiu to i rak ryba, nie pogardze niczym innym.
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I know this is a little late but I don't regularly look at this forum.  If you still looking for pictures and decals of LWP SU-76M's, I can recommend a couple of places.

Wydawnictwo Militaria has a book covering the first ten years after the war. It has two pictures of postwar SU-76M's in Polish service plus one color profile. ... 93070.html

They also published a book on the SU-76 itself but it's not listed on their webpage anymore.  If you look around the internet you can usually find copies. su76.jpeg

Toro Models from Poland also make a number of decals sheets in 1/35 and 1/72 that include Polish SU-76M's.

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Almost forgot, there is an ancient booklet from the TBiU series too.

tbiu.jpg And the Topshots by Kagero, also out of print.