New M50 M51 and M60 Shermans coming soon


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New M50 M51 and M60 Shermans coming soon

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December 2nd, 2011, 2:54 pm #1

A quick note to let you all know that these kits will be coming very soon from TANK WORKSHOP. The M50 will initially be a early type conversion with the turret and a few other pieces suitable for most any M4 type doner kits, followed up by a M4A4 version with the upper hull with diesel type engine deck and lower hull. Here are a few pictures of the M50 and M51, more to come away with any questions, I'll try to help the best I can, but Jay will be the better source. Please note that these photo's may not represent the final product. This is just a initial introduction to what will be coming soon. I dont have a lot of answers, I'm fairly certain the M4A4 will have the diesel engine deck but not the multi engine type...

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