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<SPAN name="Konabody"><SPAN name="Konabody"><FONT size=2>Hello all

We've decided to move the Japanese Language&nbsp;DG from its current host to Network 54 so that we can control who uses it and keep it in line with the rest of the DGs.&nbsp;We are also going to broaden its&nbsp;scope to provide not only an arena for Japanese modellers to&nbsp;converse in Japanese about modelling, but also to cover questions to Japanese modellers from non-Japanese speakers, and discussion of Japanese-themed modelling.

The new&nbsp;DG is called 'Japanese Modelling' and is listed in the main list of non-language&nbsp;DGs on the Discussion Groups index page. Yasu Mori will continue as moderator and the existing 'Japanese Language' DG will remain active, alongside the new one, throughout November to give everybody the chance to switch their threads of conversation over and start new threads on the new DG.

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Yasu to the Moderators' DG and wish him all the best in the continuation of his moderating role.

Best wishes

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