New 1/35 decals from STAR DECALS

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New 1/35 decals from STAR DECALS

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New 1/35 decals from STAR DECALS

Here's the list of the latest released decal sets from STAR, all eighteen in 1/35 scale:

35-C1045 US in North Africa # 1. 1st Armored Division M4A1 Sherman.
35-C1046 US in North Africa # 2. 1st Armored Division M4 Sherman, M3 Stuart.
35-C1047 Battle of the Bulge. 6th Armored Division Shermans.
35-C1048 US M4A3E8 Easy Eight. 6th Armored Division M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman.
35-C1049 US Special Shermans. Aunt Jemima and other mine exploder tanks.
35-C1050 Iranian Tanks & AFVs # 1. Iran Army during the Iraq-Iran War 1980s.
35-C1051 Iranian Tanks & AFVs # 2. Iran Revolutionary Guard - IRGC.
35-C1052 Iranian Tanks & AFVs # 3. NLA - National Liberation Army / Mujahedin.
35-C1053 War in Caukasus # 1. Georgian and Abkhazian AFVs in 1990s War.
35-C1054 Soviet/Russian Naval Infantry # 1. T-54B, T-55A, T-55AM.
35-C1055 Soviet/Russian Naval Infantry # 2. BTR-60PB, BTR-70, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 Konkurs, PTS-M.
35-C1056 Soviet/Russian Naval Infantry # 3. Fire Support and AA.
35-C1057 Israeli AFVs # 4. M7 Priest 105mm HMC.
35-C1058 Courland / Kurland # 1. Tigers and Halftracks.
35-C1059 Sturm # 8. StuG III Ausf G, Ostfront 1943-45.
35-C1060 Befehlspanzer # 4. Bef.PzKpfw IV Ausf F, G, H, Pz.Beob.Wg. IV Ausf J.
35-C1061 Befehlspanzer # 5. Bef.PzKpfw Panther Ausf D and A.
35-C1062 Befehlspanzer # 6. Bef.PzKpfw Panther Ausf G.

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