Need help translating in Polish

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Need help translating in Polish

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June 10th, 2011, 10:57 pm #1

Dear All,

Is there a kind soul who'd help me translating a few lines?
A you may know I own a model shop and I (try) to carry armorscale barrels.
I ordered products from armorscale 8 weeks ago and received finally an email with the invoice three weeks ago. I paid promptly, but for three weeks I haven't heard a word from Robert Grabowski, owner of armorscale.
The man does not react on any emails and it is impossible to call his business.
Unfortunately he does not speak a foreign language neither. As such I need to mail him in Polish, but that is a language I don't speak.

is there anybody who'd be so kind to translate these few words in polish for me?
Many thanks in advance :

'Dear Mr Robert Grabowski,
It's been three weeks now that I paid my invoice for armorscale barrels, but I haven't received anything so far, neither have I heard any news from you.
Would you be so kind to tell me if the products are being processed and if not to ship the barrels right away to me.
You will understand that your way of doing business is not very stimulating for your customers.
My customers eagerly await their barrels for which they paid an advance and as I do not want to loose the confidence they have in me as retailer.
If you wait much longer to ship the barrels I suppose you will understand that you harm my business.
Kind regards'

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June 14th, 2011, 8:35 pm #2

here your tranlation!!
hope the best!!!
best regards

Drogi panie R.Grabowski

Minely trzy tygodnie od kiedy przekazalem pieniadze za lufy od Armorscale.
Niestety nie otrzymalem ani zamowionych luf,
ani jakielkolwiek odpowiedzi z Pana strony.
Bylby pan na tyle mily aby poinformowac mnie o statusie transakcji?
Musi Pan zrozumiec ze panska forma handlu nie stymuluje do dalszych zamowien przyszlych potencjalnych klientow.
Moi klienci niecierpliwie czekaja na zamowione lufy z tej firmy, za ktore zaplacili.
Z mojej strony nie chce stracic ich zaufania do mnie jako handlarz!
Jezeli bedzie Pan dalej i dluzej zwlekal z dostarczeniem zamowionych wyzej luf firmy Armorscale, musi Pan zrozumiec,
ze niestety ale szkodzi Pan mojej reputacji jako handlarz i szczegolnie mojemu businesowi.

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