Moderators' Editing Privileges on Other Forums

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Hi all,

There has been a recent incident that highlighted an issue regarding Moderators having edit and delete privileges on Forums other than their own.

I have since checked and I can confirm that this is the case.

I can understand why this arrangement may have been put in place. We cannot expect that each moderator is on duty 24/7, so it would be useful if other moderators could immediately deal with a crisis, even if the nominated moderator was not on deck at the time.

I am suggesting an alternative arrangement.

Over the next week or two I will modify the privileges so that only the nominated moderator will have the ability to Edit <EM>and </EM>Delete posts on their own Forum. Other moderators will be able to Edit, but not Delete posts on Forums other than their own. Under this system, moderators will be able to change or delete the text and/or heading of an offending post on other Forums, but not actally delete the post itself. Network 54 keeps a record of who makes changes to posts but, as a courtesy, if you find the need to edit a post on another Forum, please email that Forum's moderator as soon as possible.

I trust that this new arrangement makes sense. Thank you again to all moderators for the your hard work and patience.

Bye for now,


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thanks, Brett....

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this will help!!