Modelcollect MAZ 7911 cargo truck

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Modelcollect MAZ 7911 cargo truck

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May 11th, 2017, 1:06 pm #1

Illian will be pleased to know that Modelcollect have renamed the cargo version of the MAZ correctly, what is interesting to note is that the shorter chassis is also included for those wishing to convert, ( although I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't release it anyway) to the shorter version, unfortunately the cargo bed is for the longer chassis, but you do get two! Also out is the PHL03 which is basically the Chinese version of the Smerch MLRS but with a new cab and is bound to drive people nuts for those who want to try a digital camouflage scheme!

Also out is the Syrian T 72BM of which I am having a hard time finding pictures of, so if anybody knows of any.
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