Missing-Lynx and HyperScale Forum Migration

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April 5th, 2018, 10:46 am #1

Hi all,

Many of you will be aware that our Forum hosting company, Network 54, has recently been acquired by Tapatalk.

You will also be aware of the declining functionality and occasional unreliability of the Network 54 platform over the last few years.

Tapatalk has been very co-operative and flexible in coming up with a new format that will restore much of this lost functionality and add many new and valuable features that Missing-Lynx’s and HyperScale’s visitors have long been requesting. These will include the ability to upload images to the Forum directly from your computer or phone, a meaningful search capability, the option to re-order posts according to your individual preferences (chronological thread view or most recent post first), an optional “Like” function and more.

We will also retain the nearly 20 years of posting history on all of the Forums.

In addition, Tapatalk offers a free App for smart phone users. This is very welcome as the desktop layout of the Network 54 format was always very hard to navigate on smaller screens.

Once the Forums have migrated to Tapatalk, you will be able to log in using your existing Network 54 user names and passwords. Admins and Moderators will retain their privileges too.

After the migration, the old Forums will simply redirect to the new Tapatalk Forums, making them easy to find even if you have bookmarked the individual old Forums.

Missing-Lynx’s Forums will migrate to Tapatalk this weekend (Sunday). The migration of HyperScale’s Forums will most likely take place on the following weekend.

I am looking forward to this exciting new chapter in the story of HyperScale and Missing-Lynx – probably our most significant upgrade in more than 15 years.

Regardless of the improved functionality and any superficial difference in appearance however, I am confident that Missing-Lynx’s and HyperScale’s Forums will continue to be the friendly and useful communities that you have made them.

Thanks and bye for now,