Military kits for sale - Over 50 at good prices

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Military kits for sale - Over 50 at good prices

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August 25th, 2017, 2:34 am #1

I am selling a number of armour kits on behalf of an estate. They are as listed along with asking prices (in Euros) I will negotiate for multiple kit orders. All kits are complete and plastic bags unopened.

Postage is to be paid by purchaser and I will only ship Point Relais to France and other Point Relais countries, postage calculated on parcel dimensions.

I will consider shipping to other destinations for bulk orders (Ten kits or more)

I accept French cheques or payment by Paypal.

Please contact me at clbouvierg@france.or to order or enquire.

Brand Model Price
Academy M18 Hellcat 25
Academy M3 Lee 25
Academy M3 Lee 25
Academy M12 155mm GMC 25
Academy M3A1 Stuart 25
Academy M51 Super Sherman 25
Academy M3A1 Stuart 25
Italeri Semovente L40 de 47/32 10
Italeri LVT(A)-2 Saipan 10
Italeri Autoblinda AB43 10
Italeri Autoblinda AB41 10
Italeri ABM 41/42 with 47/32 AT gun 10
Italeri Camionetta AS42 Sahara 10
Italeri Cannone da 47/32 with crew 10
Italeri Flak 43 German AA gun 10
Italeri Medium 3ton Truck Coal engine 10
Italeri 508CM Coloniale 10
AFV Club M38A1 20
AFV Club M38A1C (rec rifle) 20
AFV Club Bofors AA 20
Hobby Boss White Scout Car (early) 15
Hobby Boss Soviet T26 Mod 1938 15
Hobby Boss Soviet T37 Amphib Early 15
Hobby Boss Soviet T37TU Command 15
Hobby Boss Soviet AT1 SPG 15
Hobby Boss Soviet T26 1933 15
Hobby Boss Schneider CA 15
Eastern Express BT7 20
Eastern Express KV1C 20
Eastern Express BA-10 20
Eastern Express BT7 1937 20
Tamiya T62A 10
Tamiya Simca 5 Staff Car 10
Mirage Transporter Renault UE 15
MiniArt SU76M SPG 18
MiniArt GAZ-AAA w/Quad M4 Maxim 18
MiniArt AEC Mk1 a/c 18
MiniArt AEC MkIII a/c 18
MiniArt Soviet 122mm ammo 18
MiniArt Soviet Heavy weapons set 18
MiniArt Gaz-03-30 Mod 1938 18
Cam models A4E12 25
Zvezda T26 Soviet Light Tank 15
Zvezda Soviet Truck 3NC-5B 15
Zvezda Soviet Car Gaz MI 15
Skif T54 Egyptian 25
Skif Soviet MTLB Amphibious Vehicle 25
Interus MkV Composite 20
Bronco Hotchkiss Light Tank 30