Mig streaking and cracking paint

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Mig streaking and cracking paint

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December 19th, 2016, 3:51 pm #1

Today I was using Mig Streaking enamel on my KV-1. This is only the second time I used this stuff. Mig's video tells you to moisten the area on the model with enamel thinner and then you streak ion the paint, then blend it in with a brush wet with thinner. Well, in some areas this made fine cracks in the paint on the model. The thinner was a bit harsh for it I think. Its not a project killer as I still have some dried mud and dust to go on that will cover these fine cracks.

So about half-way through I switch to using Turpenoid and it worked just as well as thinner and didn't harm the paint on the tank. So I recommend using Turpenoid for streaking. I also use it for oil washes too.