Looking for wheels..

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Looking for wheels..

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September 30th, 2011, 8:11 am #1

I wonder if there are tires like these available in resin or any other material in 1/35 anywhere.

They are Dunlop 405/70R24 which according to the web means that they are about 34mm high in 1/35. Don´t know the exact width, but according to my own 1/35 plans of the vehicle (which is somewhat dodgy when it comes to exact dimensions) it´s about 11,7mm wide.

Now, I found that the Trumpeter Centauro tires are slightly too wide in diameter, and slightly narrow. They also have the wrong pattern.
I have no illusions that there are Dunlop SP 9 MPT tires in resin out there some where, but is there anything more similar than the centauro wheels I wonder?