Lifecolor new color set - Axis interiors

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Lifecolor new color set - Axis interiors

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May 20th, 2010, 8:03 pm #1

Lifecolor announces release a very interesting set in early June:

Axis Tank Interiors. Historical Research Model Victoria & Daniele Guilielmi. Model and boxart by Miguel Jimenez.

There are four German colors:
UA231 RAL 3009 German Oxid Rot
UA232 RAL 1015 German Elfenbein
UA233 RAL 7009 German Graugruen
UA234 RAL 5012 German Lichtblau

And two Italian interior colors:
UA235 RAL 2001 Italian Rosso Minio
UA236 Italian Blanco Avorio

Adalbertus internet shop
is taking preorders (set will be released in June).
Buy now with 10% discount
Buy 27th May - 3rd June with 5% discount

Also released will be set of mixing jars and pipettes

more information you find in (scroll down):

Wojtek Bulhak