Info needed on the Sdkfz 251 tarpoulin cover


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Info needed on the Sdkfz 251 tarpoulin cover

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July 4th, 2012, 4:11 pm #1

Hey Guys,

I have made 2 tarp covers in my Sdkfz 251 1/18th scale series.

I have mad the taller and standard version. The taller being used as an ambulance cover.

Next I plan to make a 3/4 version . In theory the tarp would be rolled/ flipped back so that a figure can be used manning the mg ( with shield ).

Now when this was done did they take the first bow support out or was it slid back and the tarp flipped over ?

I do have the Spanish black magazine were the model made his own and it looks like his version does not have the first bow in it.

Does anybody have any insight on this or have any pics showing this ?


Taller ambulance cover


Shorter standard cover.