German Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. F - German Police Tank Division

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This time I would like to share some pictures of an older model from my workbench.

I´ve got hands on an old half built resin Cromwell model, which slept for many years in a cardbox.

After a while I decided to bring it back to life. First I got rid of some layers of old paint, then 
almost every single part has been separated from the model - this took a lot of time, but finally I was successful.
Broken or damaged parts have been repaired and then the re-building of the model started.

Base for that model were some reference pictures in order to create an existing vehicle, which had been used 
in a police tank division.

Instead of the resin tracks the nice Friul metal tracks have been added and also some additional details
using PE, wire and scratched parts. Painting was done with Vallejo colors and finally some pastels have been applied to
simulate a worn, but not battered look. The figure is from the Tamiya range. Stencils are from the Archer range.

The base is a simple ready to use mat found in an Internet shop which is available in many different patterns.

In order to have a convincing contact to the ground, a screw has been inserted in a hole of the lower body and then fastened
step by step into the base. But this is tricky - if too much pressure is created, the wheel arrangement might break, if it is not
sufficient, the tank seems to hoover over the gras.


gert brandl Pz 1.jpg
Pz 2.jpg Pz 3.jpg Pz 4.jpg Pz 5.jpg