FS-- armor, figures, update 7/12

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FS-- armor, figures, update 7/12

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Updated the list 7/12/2012 New Wants added and some Autos!
Prices do not include postage unless noted, and I quote depending on location (USPS), and try to get you the best shipping options. On request, insurance is extra if you desire it. Im in the US, 32618. Will ship anywhere at buyers risk.

I can provide photos of anything on request.

I accept all forms of payment (Paypal, check, MO, cash, etc) no additional fees.

Offers welcome, as are some trades. Please see my want list at bottom.

NOTE: If you see something pending but want it, contact me anyway! I have had deals fall through and the next in line gets it!

Feel free to email me direct if possible

1/35 Armor

Italeri M32 Tank recovery package:
Italeri M32 kit
Dragon M1A1 early hull to do a proper M32B1
Dragon HVSS suspension (in addition to the kits VVSS)
some other Dragon parts to spif up the kit and maybe some other stuff too. Whole deal for $25.00 PENDING

Taymia/Academy clone German Gulaschkanone (field kitchen) w/ horses and figures $8.00

Taymia Flakpanzer Mobelwagen, 3.7cm w/ Eduard PE set, Aber PE (for late Brumbar, but lots of useful stuff), and bag of white metal and PE parts from CMK Mobelwagen kit. $30.00

Italeri 2106 Opel Blitz WITH a vac conversion for a tank truck? One rim missing, and rubber tires have slightly eaten into a few of the bed parts (fixable or ignored if using above conversion) $10.00

Testors/Italeri 851 Horch command car. 2 KITS, sealed bags in one box in great shape. $15.00

Trumpeter 00349 USMC LAV-25 $15.00 PENDING

Dragon 6081 Sturmpanzer IV Brumbar Late Sdkfz 166 Sealed inner bags $15.00

Dragon 6248 Sdkfz 251/22 halftrack Pak 40 with Eduard PE set $35.00

Dragon 6260 Flak 36 w/ Voyager 35060 detail set (inner bags all still sealed, including all figures) $40.00

Revell (Italeri) 03061 Sdkfz 10/5 w 2cm flak 38 package:
With Extratech armored shields AND Extratech detail set AND Eduard detail set $50.00

Maquette MQ-3543 Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklarungspanzer $10.00

Mirage Hobby 35519 Stuka zu Fuss Ue-sWG 40/32 cm Wk Fl, sealed inner bags $15.00

1/35 Aftermarket and Figures

Barrel Depot M60A3 barrel $10.00

Black Dog D35003 US Army base (really nice little vignette for one or two figures with detailed gear) $18.00

Eduard 35426 M113a1 interior $12.00

SP Designs 189 T-72A/B front glacis (un-armored variant for Tamyia kit) $5.00

Masterbox MB3591 US Checkpoint in Iraq $10.00

Masterclub MCF 35224 Modern Russian Solder w/VSS Vintorez special sniper rifle (resin) $8.00

Tamyia 35212 German Soldiers at field briefing $8.00

Dragon 6005 German Falshirmjager, Monte Cassino 1944- sealed box $5.00

Dragon 6058 Panzerjagers Eastern Front 1944- sealed box $5.00

Dragon 6088 Kampfgruppe Peiper sealed box $5.00

Dragon 6081 Falshirmjager w/ Donkey 3 KITS!! All SEALED Take one for $4.00, or all 3 for $10

Dragon 6109 German large rubber dingy with Pioneer figures 2 KITS, SEALED $10.00

Dragon 6109 German large rubber dingy with Pioneer figures 2 KITS, SEALED $10.00

Dragon 6109 German large rubber dingy with Pioneer figures SEALED $5.00

Esci German Sturmtruppensealed inner bag, good box, $4.00

Wolf WAW24 German Tankman working on Panther wheel $5.00

1/72 Armor

Hasegawa MT44 Sdkfz 251/1 Auf Dsome assembly, complete $4.00

1/48 Air

Eduard Big Ed BIG4936 for Hobbyboss F6F-5 (includes interior, exterior, and masks) $23.00 Including CONUS shipping!

Monogram 7546 P-61 A/B black widow white box issue, some loose parts, complete $12.00

ProModeler (Monogram) 5926 He111 H-22 w/ V-1 buzz bomb, sealed box $20.00

Accurate Min 0407 P-400 Airacobra w/ CMK exhaust and Aeromaster decals, sealed inner bags $28.00

Accurate Min B-25 C/D with Verlinden #1574 update AND Quickboost corrected cowls (sealed inner bags) $50.00

Monogram Promodeler 85-5980 F4U-5N (hasegawa mold), sealed inner bags $18.00

Hasegawa JT187 Bf109 G-6 Nachtjager with Quickboost exhaust, Eduard PE set, Owl Decals $40.00

Hasegawa PT12 F-14D CVW-14 sealed inner bags $45

Monogram 5807 A-18 (F/A-18A) some minimal paint on a few parts (well done, or easy to strip), box is very beat up, but contents fine (clear parts still in bag) $5.00 PENDING

Steel Beach SB235 F/A-18 covers, yellow $4.00
Steel Beach SB237 F/A-18 covers, red $4.00
True Details 48034 F-15 C/D wheels $3.00
True Details 48523 SUU-23 Gun Pod $3.00
True Details 48426 C-2 Ejection seat (2 included, appear to be ex-KMC or blackbox?) for F-104 $5.00

1/72 Air

Testors/Italeri SR-71 A/B Blackbird w/ D-21 Drone. Can also make an A-12. No Decals, but kit is complete in good box. $8.00


++++ $5.00 ea FREE shipping CONUS++++
Superscale 48-483 F-16N VF-45, VF-46, NFWS (2 sets available)

Superscale 48-866 F-8E VF-11/ VMF(AW)-333

Superscale 48-608 P-38 H / J 431 FS/ 475FG "Piss Pot Pete" Lt Don Bellows and "Buffalo Blitz" Lt Fred Champlin (both a/c are overall green over grey)

Superscale 48-581 P-38 J 392FS, 393FS/ 367FG "Lou-E-Z-Ann" Lt Robert Billion, "Curly Six" Capt Jack Reed

Superscale 48-607 P-38L 431FS/475FG "Glop-Glop" Lt F.E. Fenton, Mandu V/Wanda Capt Louis DuMontier

++++ Price As Marked with FREE shipping in CONUS++++

Flying Leatherneck 48004 1/48 VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knights OIF tour 2007 w/ CD $15.00

Afterburner 48-023 Big 22 22nd FS, F-16CJ/DJ block 50 (OIF birds included) $12.00

Owl Decals 48008 JG300 Wilde Sau (Bf109 T-2, Fw190 A-5, Bf109 G-6/R6, Fw190 A-6) $12.00 http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/R ... ky/00.shtm

Eagle Strike 48051 Ausburg Flyers II (Bf109 F/G) $7.00
Eagle Strike 48101 Ausburg Flyers IV (Bf109 G2,G4,G6, K4) $7.00
Eagle Strike 48231 Defense of the Reich Fw190 As $7.00
Eagle Strike 48064 Too Little Too Late, Me262 $7.00
Aeromaster 48765 Focke Wolf Butcher Birds Fw190 A/8 $7.00

1/25 or 1/24 Autos/ Stock Cars/ Dragsters/ Trucks
ALL SEALED boxes-- All $13.00 each SHIPPING INCLUDED

Revell/Monogram 85-2496 1:25 55 Chevy Indy Pace Car
Fujimi 1/24 Mercedes Benz 500 SL
Monogram 2448 1/24 #4 Kodak Monte Carlo, Sterling Martin, 1995 Daytona 500 winner
AMT 8163 1/25 #17 Western Auto Monte Carlo, Darrell Waltrip 1997
AMT 8090 1/25 #5 Kellogs, Terry Labonte, 1997
Revell 85-7616 1/25 Dragster American International 1997, Scott Kalitta
Monogram 2788 1/24 Porsche 911 Slant Nose

Wants: (** is most desired)

Air Kits:
AFV Club 1/48 F-5E Tiger II

Air Parts/Aftermarket/Decals:
**1/48 Pavla S48026 Stencil S-III-S ejection seat
**1/48 Cobra Company 48018 External detail set for Revel/Monogram Mi-24 Hind (or just the exhaust IR suppressors)
1/32 Zuni pods from Trumpeter F-8
1/48 F-16B details (zoom, eduard or Part, Royal wheels, etc)
1/48 S-3 items: FOD covers, weapons bay and landing gear bays, S-3B update, etc
1/48 Hi Vis stencil data for A-7E
1/48 Aires F-104C exhaust
1/48 Masters various FuG radar sets for Luftwaffe night fighters

Armor Kits/ Figure/ Aftermarket:
AFV Club 35010 M60/M48 T142 track
UM Model UM097 US Navy sailor and officer at rest
UM Model UM007 US Sailor # 1
1/35 MLRS detail sets (Eduard/ Real Model, Voyager, etc.)
Verlinden M1 Abrams update set
Tamyia 35141 US Modern accessories
JP Models JP35017 3.7mm Jeep conversion
The Bodi 1/35 Jeep crew (winter)
Dragon 6674 German Blue Division
Bravo6 USMC Nam era figures35022, 35026,35030, 35031, 35035, 35036, 35037, 35038, 35039, 35041
Stalingrad German POW figures
Evolution WWII USMC figures and US Special Ops figures
Airborne Miniatures 120mm USMC Sniper Team (2 figure set)

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