DVD devoted to WWII preserved Italian tanks & AFV

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DVD devoted to WWII preserved Italian tanks & AFV

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I would like to introduce to you the result of three years of work and researches, my DVD titled WWII Preserved Italian tanks & Fighting Vehicles.

Realized for modelers and military vehicles enthusiasts, this DVD illustrated with more than 5500 colour photographs, 34 plans (G. R. Bradford, M. Zurek) and 19 color plates (V. Bourguignon), presents a selection of WWII Italian tanks and armoured fighting vehicles preserved in military museums, barracks or private collections throughout the world (Italy, France, U.K., Russia, China, U.S.A., Serbia, Irak, ).

Here is the list of the different walkarounds :
- Armoured cars : Lancia 1ZM, AB 41, AB 43, Lince, AS 37.
- Light tanks : L 3-33, L 3-35, L 3-38, L 6/40.
- Medium tanks : M 13/40, M 14/41, M 15/42.
- Heavy tank : P 40.
- Self-propelled guns : Semovente da 47/32, Semovente da 75/18
Semovente da 75/34, Semovente da 90/53
Semovente da 149/40.
- Autocannone da 90/53.

This DVD contains no technical, historical data and pictures from archives.

Only for XP, Vista, Windows 7.

If you want more informations, please contact me to the following mail address :


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