Czech Hetzers May 1945

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Czech Hetzers May 1945

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Czech Hetzers
I've trying to collect as much info about the markings used on the Czech Hetzers in Prague May 1945.
In the end I hope I can release some sort of decalset in 1/35 and 1/72 scale (Bison-Decals).

I've started to make artwork for each of the Hetzer. As the markings differs on each tank and on each side too, and the photos are of bad quality, I've made all the slogans etc that I could read. So help are needed with the Czech slogans. Also need help with the colours if possible. On the artwork now all the Hetzers are in the factory paint - Red Oxide primer - right or wrong I don't know.

The artwork (7 images) I've made can be downloaded from:

Almost all pictures I've used can be downloaded on: ... 4021bab690

Only photo on one side. I think I've read that the slogan on the other side shoud read 'PRAVDA VITEZI!' but I havn't seen any photo of this.
Have 'CSR' and a star on the front.

Only photo on the front.

Don't know the markings on the oposite side.

Don't know if the correct markings would be 'PRAZACKA' - 'ZIZKOV' - and 'PRAZACKA' again on the trackguards.
On one forum the photo was named 'ikov-pracka', I don't know if the first slogan should be 'IKOVPARACKA' instead?
On the last trackguard there's an unreadable slogan 'AXXX STALIN'
On the front 'CSR' and a white star. Possible also a painted flag.

Markings on the other side? I'm rather confused here. Two example D2 and D3.
D2 looks more like the markings seen on the front on D1.
Is Hetzer D3 another tank, or the same repainted/original painting?

E. 'CSR'
Few markings. Possible that eyes have been painted on it.
No photo of the other side of this tank.

Probably same Hetzer as F2 and F3 photographed on different dates, the last one with slogans painted on it.
'SMRT OKUPANTUM!', 'CSR' and one more slogan 'SMRT something'.
Only side photo of F3.

G and G2 most likley the same Hetzer photographed on different dates. Possible that this Hetzer initially had no other markings than the large flags, like E and F.
I don't know on what date G2 are photographed. The installment of President Benes?
Found no photo of the other side, and based on the surviving Hetzer in Prague, I made these markings. Probably not correct.

I don't know if the 'arrow in ring' marking and '2' was repeated on the sides and rear too as on G2.

J.Berge-Pz 38(t)
Don't know when this was produced and if it was completed.
No photo of the sides.

K. 'UV-4' and 'UV-5'
Are these part of the insurgency?
Only photos of the sides.
Should they have 'arrow in ring' marking and '4' / '5' on the front like on H?

Are these part of the insurgency?
Perhaps also a small 'CSR' slogan on the front.

Any help wanted. Thanks in advance.

Johan Lexell, Bison-Decals.