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August 11th, 2012, 5:05 pm #1

Hi all,

Having been searching for the Churchill AVRE MK III SBG Bridging tank and there seems to be a lack of pictures and information on marking especially those that took part in the D-Day landing

Would be very please if anyone can provide a useful link or information on the above subject

Many thanks in advance


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August 11th, 2012, 10:47 pm #2

Hi Jonathan

i have yet to find a actual picture of a SBG fitted to a Mk3 except in training. they never used a SBG in ITALY ,
post war yes they did actually i seen a picture with a jumbo on the front in 1950. but it does not mean to say they did not carry one.
hope it helps

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August 12th, 2012, 1:24 am #3

IWM B5071

June 6th Sword Beach


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August 12th, 2012, 5:39 am #4

Hi Guys,

So if the Churchill MK III SBG Bridging tank is a rare species than what other configuration have it appeared in? Churchill AVRE Fascine, Bobbine etc? I must admit it really hard to find a decent photo of the MK III in action.


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August 12th, 2012, 1:57 pm #5

Hi Jonathan

there is pictures of mk3s in normandy , and at the end of the war crossing a great eastern.and quite a few post watr and trial vehicles. non in italy.
i have a picture dated 1947 with A SBG fitted . but most AVREs used on D Day which are photographed are Mk4s it does not mean there was any . if you do then most had add on armour fitted.
there is a cracking picture of a churchill AVRE Mk3 leading a sherman in normandy hedge rows either side.
tank crews like the mk3 bigger turret and easier to add armour to .
in theory you could fit what you want to a AVRE no one can prove you wrong. not many survivors left now

this you might find interesting

Most of the Churchill AVREs Mk 3 & Mk 4 that survived the Second World War
Registration numbers from vehicle registration cards as at in 1949 but most were scrapped or cannibalised between 1953 to 1956.
there might be a few more listed but these are taory you could fit what you want to a AVRE no one can prove you wrong. not many survivors left now.

Churchill AVRE MK 3

45ZR09 (T68148) 45ZR22 (T68660) 45ZR48 (T68894) 45ZR51 (T68916)

46ZR20 (T68141) 46ZR21 (T68142) 46ZR24 (T68286) 46ZR26 (T68420) 46ZR30 (T68593)
46ZR39 (T69063)
49ZR31(T68606) 49ZR32 (T32111)

Churchill AVRE Mk 4
44ZR81 (T31361) 44ZR82 (T31731) 44ZR83 (T32185) 44ZR84 (T32219) 44ZR85 (T67887)
44ZR86 (T67941) 44ZR87 (T68065) 44ZR88 T68069) 44ZR89 (T68252) 44ZR90 (T68738)
44ZR91 (T68903) 44ZR92 (T68919) 44ZR93 (T69113) 44ZR94 (T17200) 44ZR95 (T172079)
44ZR96 (T172273) 44ZR97 (T172368) 44ZR98 (T172415) 44ZR99 (172560)

45ZR00 (T68211) 45ZR01 (T67986) 45ZR02 (T68217) 45ZR03 (T31993) 45ZR04 (T69111)
45ZR05 (T69086) 45ZR06 (T172799) 45ZR07 (T69029) 45ZR08 (T68158) 45ZR10 (T32170)
45ZR11 (T68717) 45ZR12 (T172802) 45ZR13 (T31154) 45ZR14 (T68598) 45ZR15 (T172334)
45ZR16 (T31173) 45ZR17 (T67944) 45ZR18 (T68105) 45ZR19 (T32160) 45ZR20 (T67879)
45ZR21 (T172068) 45ZR23 (T68130) 45ZR24 (T69051) 45ZR25 (T69074) 45ZR26 (T67872)
45ZR27 (T31934) 45ZR28 (T68748) 45ZR29 (T172575) 45ZR30 (T172047) 45ZR31 (T32291)
45ZR32 (T68925) 45ZR33 (T32146) 45ZR34 (T68521) 45ZR35 (T172430)45ZR36 (T67986)
45ZR37 (T31939) 45ZR38 (T172370) 45ZR39 (T68952) 45ZR40 (T68635) 45ZR41 (T67956)
45ZR42 (T31033) 45ZR43 (T68920) 45ZR44 (T68811) 45ZR45 (T172192) 45ZR46 (T32311)
45ZR47 (T31114) 45ZR49 (T31804) 45ZR50 (T31083) 45ZR52 (T172862) 45ZR53 (T32174)
45ZR54 (T32279) 45ZR55 (T32433) 45ZR56 (T32165) 45ZR57 (T32015) 45ZR58 (T32205)
45ZR59 (T32176) 45ZR60 (T32189) 45ZR61 (T67923) 45ZR62 (T68246) 45ZR63 (T68614)
45ZR64 (T68621) 45ZR65 (T68619) 45ZR66 (T68624) 45ZR67 (T68067) 45ZR68 (T68921)
45ZR69 (T68687) 45ZR70 (T69045) 45ZR71 (T69052) 45ZR72 (T69122) 45ZR73 (T172057)
45ZR74 (T172655) 45ZR75 (T172130) 45ZR76 (T172070) 45ZR77 (T172540) 45ZR78 (T172527)
45ZR79 (T172841) 45ZR80 (T172627) 45ZR81 (T172528) 45ZR82 (T172136) 45ZR83 (T172126)
45ZR84 (T172442) 45ZR85 (T31383) 45ZR86 (T31356)45ZR87 (T31442)45ZR88 (T31348)
45ZR89 (T31395)45ZR90 (T31458) 45ZR91 (T31818) 45ZR92 (T31875) 45ZR93 (T172427)
45ZR94 (T67900) 45ZR95 (T31077) 45ZR96 (T31334)45ZR97 (T31362) 45ZR98 (T31409)
45ZR99 (T31600)

46ZR00 (T31624)46ZR01 (T31640)46ZR02 (T31743)46ZR03 (T31915)46ZR04 (T31983)
46ZR05 (T32053) 46ZR06 (T32070)46ZR07 (T32104)46ZR08 (T32156)46ZR09 (T32171)
46ZR10 (T32175)46ZR11 (T32212)46ZR12 (T32317)46ZR13 (T67871)46ZR14 (T67881)
46ZR15 (T67946)46ZR16 (T67947)46ZR17 (T68041)46ZR18 (T68066)

46ZR60 (T172374)46ZR61 (T172424) 46ZR62 (T172444) 46ZR63 (T172460)
46ZR64 (T172522)46ZR65 (T172612)46ZR66 (T172617)46ZR67 (T172626)
46ZR68 (T31032)46ZR69 (T31041)46ZR70 (T31044)46ZR71 (T31066)46ZR72 (T31073)
46ZR73 (T31079)46ZR74 (T31105)46ZR75 (T31118)

48ZR97 (T68118)

49ZR31 (T68606) 49ZR32 (T32111)
49ZR48 (T172081)

Churchill AVRE mk7
34ZR35, 34ZR37, 34ZR38, 34ZR41, 34ZR42, 34ZR43, 34ZR44, 34ZR45, 34ZR46, 34ZR47, 34ZR48, 34ZR50, 34ZR51, 34ZR52, 34ZR55, 34ZR57, 34ZR59, 34ZR62, 34ZR71, 34ZR72, 34ZR74, 34ZR75, 34ZR76, 34ZR81, 34ZR84, 34ZR87, 34ZR88, 34ZR89, 34ZR98, 34ZR99
35ZR00, 35ZR03, 35ZR05, 35ZR08, 35ZR09

36ZR02, 36ZR04, 36ZR31, 36ZR49, 36ZR53, 36ZR84, 36ZR96, 36ZR97

37ZR00, 37ZR01, 37ZR02, 37ZR04, 37ZR05, 37ZR07, 37ZR14, 37ZR15, 37ZR17, 37ZR19, 37ZR20, 37ZR22, 37ZR24, 37ZR27, 37ZR28, 37ZR34, 37ZR46, 37ZR48, 37ZR54, 37ZR59, 37ZR64, 37ZR65, 37ZR70, 37ZR72, 37ZR76, 37ZR79, 37ZR81, 37ZR82, 37ZR86, 37ZR91,

39ZR02, 39ZR04, 39ZR05, 39ZR07, 39ZR08, 39ZR09, 39ZR10, 39ZR11, 39ZR12, 39ZR13, 39ZR14, 39ZR17, 39ZR18, 39ZR20, 39ZR21, 39ZR22, 39ZR24,

40ZR05, 40ZR06, 40ZR08



48ZR66 AVRE MK4 converted to a 6.5 inch T34133


hope it helps ossie

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August 14th, 2012, 2:04 pm #6

Thanks you all for the information.