Accessory, The Tank Workshop TWS0047 & TWS0047A Late Sherman Covered Mantlets

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Accessory, The Tank Workshop TWS0047 & TWS0047A Late Sherman Covered Mantlets

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TWS0047 & TWS0047A Late Sherman Covered Mantlets. Multimedia 1/35th-scale detail parts. See below for all particulars of these two related sets.

Nowadays, with the proliferation of kits that deluge modelers, it behooves an after-market manufacturer to keep abreast of developments, so that he can choose correctly when releasing a complimentary detail or conversion item. There have been quite a few new M4-based kits recently released, so one would certainly realize that there is fertile ground for an imaginative AM producer. In this case, that manufacturer happens to be The Tank Workshop.

Along with the previously-reviewed release, TTW has also released canvas mantlet covers for the 75mm-armed turret, in this case for the late, or “high bustle” versions. In addition, the bow machine-gun comes in for the same treatment. To accomplish this, TTW supplies three resin parts in set TWS0047 (priced at $12.00 USD, plus shipping); two resin parts and a turned aluminum gun tube are included in TWS0047A (priced at $16.00 USD, plus shipping).

The parts are very cleanly cast in medium gray resin. In every case, clean-up of pour gates was extremely easy, taking about three minutes, or less. No air bubbles were encountered anywhere; the resin gun tube was perfectly straight and has a cover molded over the bore. The set with the aluminum gun tube features the type without the flared muzzle. There is nothing provided to seal the muzzle, but I think that was a packing error, since the all-resin set had a tiny leaflet and a strip of lead foil in the bag; the modeler is told to create the cover using the foil. This is unnecessary in the all-resin set, but needed in the set with the aluminum gun tube.

I tested the fit of these sets on newest high-bustle turrets from the DML M4A3E8 105mm kit and its Academy counterpart; I could not remember where the Tamiya M4A3 kit with their high-bustle 75mm turret was stashed. At any rate, the parts fit perfectly to the DML kit with absolutely no work needed to prepare the turret or glacis plate for the reception of the TTW parts. The fit to the Academy turret was fine, but the area around the bow machine-gun on this kit will have to be altered slightly for the cover to fit there. This involves scraping away the improperly-shaped coaming around the MG blister.

Like their low bustle turreted counterparts, these two items are simple, low-cost, time-saving and excellently produced. If planning to model a DD or Deep Wading M4 with a later turret, either of these sets is the way to go.

Highly recommended.

Frank V. “Curley Stooge” De Sisto.

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