Accessory, Decalcomaniacs! DM-050 Canadian AFVs

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Accessory, Decalcomaniacs! DM-050 Canadian AFVs

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DM-050 Canadian AFVs. 1/35th-scale water-slide decals. Contains one 5 x 8-inch sheet and two pages of instructions.

Probably the largest contingent of Commonwealth troops, aside from the Indian Army, to serve the British cause in the Second World War came from Canada. For the purposes of this report, several Canadian armored units were formed, from Brigade up to Divisional level; the first Allied full-tracked Armored Personnel Carrier unit was also Canadian.

Therefore, just about any AFV of US, British and even Canadian manufacture could be seen in use by Canadian troops. So, having a set of generic markings is a good idea and provides a starting point for modelers who wish to mark their latest AFV or wheeled vehicle as being in Canadian service.

Decalcomaniacs! has stepped into the field with this sheet, which provides unit insignia, Arm-of-Service signs, Squadron signs and a selection of census numbers suitable for Canadian AFVs. There are eleven different unit insignia included, each of which will allow the decoration of from two to six models from a particular unit. The AoS markings cover 34 different units or variations thereof. Squadron signs cover 12 different units, in red, yellow and blue; these are the typical geometric types (diamond, triangle, square and circle). Finally, dozens of census number blocks are given, which cover several different vehicle types. The only things not given are individual vehicle names, Allied recognition stars and roundels and some of the odd markings seen on specific vehicles and AFVs.

The instructions contain charts that say what insignia belongs to a particular unit and generally what vehicle they were seen on. The charts also give specific times and locations for the vehicles. Notes on camouflage colors used are provided as is a brief explanation of markings practices. No placement instructions are given; for that the modeler is directed to consult references, specifically the two fine books from Model Centrum/Progres in Poland. Both titles are by Barry Beldam and Steve Guthrie, names that should be familiar to ML visitors. I own both of them and cannot recommend them enough for themselves. Additionally, they are vital for use with this product and should already be in the reference libraries of anyone interested in Canadian AFVs in World War Two.

The designs are all crisply-printed on thin, clear, glossy water-slide decal media. The carrier film covers the entire sheet, so the modeler must cut the designs close to their edges in order to minimize the film. Where the color red, green or gold is seen, the printing process shows some of what I will describe as screening. At normal viewing distances, this is no problem: the color is less saturated than it might be, which actually gives a fairly subtle scale appearance to the overall marking.

Altogether, this is a useful product, and, as is the mandate of Decalcomaniacs!, it provides for something just a little bit different. With the current avalanche of new modeling products, especially kits of British/Commonwealth vehicles and AFVs, this product should find quite a bit of use amongst modelers.

Frank V. De Sisto

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