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Accessory, Bronco AB3557, W.W.II Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set

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AB3557, W.W.II Hungarian 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set. 1/35th-scale styrene/multimedia kit. Contains 108 styrene and 12 etched brass parts, with the instructions and painting guide printed on the box.

As an adjunct to their current and future kits of Hungarian WW II AFVs, Bronco has also just released a useful accessory set containing 200-liter fuel drums and 20-liter fuel cans, more commonly known as Jerry Cans, due to their German origins.

In this set, Bronco provides twelve 20-liter jerry cans and six 200-liter fuel drums, all of which have lettering and stampings that identify them as being specifically of Hungarian manufacture.

The jerry cans are conventionally-molded in two halves, with an etched brass insert to represent the weld bead that joined them together. The handles and pour spouts are also separate parts, with the latter apparently providing for two different configurations. Test-fitting indicates no problems with the etched brass and styrene assemblies.

The fuel drums come in two halves, with separate caps for either end. A pair of separate, two-part hoops is then fitted around the waist of each drum.

The assembly and painting guide is printed on the bottom of the side-opening box. Everything is extremely straight-forward. On the other hand, some of the printing on the box is rather comical. For instance, one can paint the Fuel Durms (sp) in Feeld (sp) Gary (sp), using Humbrol, Tamiya or Gunze hobby paints! Who knew?

With the current and (hopefully!) future releases of Hungarian AFVs by Bronco and Hobby Boss, this set is a timely and well done addition to the ranks of AFV accessories.

Frank V. De Sisto.

Note: Since May of 2005, I have been working on books for Concord Publications, a sister company to DragonUSA, Bronco Models current North American distributor. The reader may wish to take this into consideration. For my part, I will attempt to maintain an objective viewpoint when writing these reports.

Bronco kits are available in North America from DragonUSA. For details see their web site at:


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