Accessories Chesapeake Model Designs CMD 44, T-34 Steel Wheels.

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Accessories Chesapeake Model Designs CMD 44, T-34 Steel Wheels.

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CMD 44, T-34 Steel Wheels. 1/35th-scale resin conversion for DML kit. Contains 26 resin parts and one sheet of instructions.

A while back, CMD released a conversion set to create a so-called STZ variation of the T-34/76 Model 1941. While (as usual) an extremely well-done product, it was only “half-way-there”, since it did not include the proper road-wheels. Of course, CMD was well-aware of that and has now come up with the proper steel-rimmed road-wheels and idler wheels to complete the STZ version.

The parts are rather conventionally-molded and consist of ten inner, and ten outer road-wheels, as well as inner and outer idler wheels with separate hubs. As one would expect from this manufacturer, the molding is simply exquisite. The steel rims are commendably thin as are the ten large and ten smaller ribs on each road-wheel. The perforations on the wheel’s disks are all cleanly represented as are the various hub and rim details. Note, however, that the DML kit’s road-wheel hubs are necessary to complete each wheel assembly. Likewise, the idler wheels are similarly detailed, but they each have a resin hub cap of the proper pattern.

A hallmark of CMD products has always been the ease of clean-up of the resin parts and the exceptionally fine molding; this set is no different. The modeler must take care when cleaning the residual pour plugs from the wheels, lest the very delicate rims become damaged. The modeler should also pay heed to the (brief, but entirely adequate) instructions, especially when they describe the location of the idler wheel hubs and the modifications that may be required to fit the wheels to the DML kit’s axles (slightly ream out the openings in the wheel’s centers). I also went one step further: I cut the axles flush with the road wheels prior to fitting the DML hub caps to be sure that they would not become fouled in any way. With that, my wheels fit with absolutely no problems, and were easily removed prior to painting.

Those who purchased CMDs STZ conversion will certainly be happy to be able to add this set to their model, while those who wish can model other versions (especially some 1942 types) with these wheels. One way or the other, this is an excellent product and sure to be welcomed by fans of the T-34.

Highly recommended.

Frank De Sisto

Chesapeake Model Designs (CMD) products are available for worldwide shipment direct from the manufacturer. For more information see their web site at:, email: Phone/fax number is: 410-357-5496.

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