1/72 news from STAR-DECALS

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1/72 news from STAR-DECALS

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May 26th, 2017, 12:36 pm #1

Dear Sirs,

The new 1/72 sets:

72-A1014 Befehlspanzer # 5. Bef.Pz. Tiger I and Tiger 2.
72-A1015 RMASG Centaurs. Royal Marines Support tanks in Normandy.
72-A1016 RMASG Shermans. Royal Marines Support tanks in Normandy.
72-A1017 M48A3 Patton. 69th Armored Regiment in Vietnam.
72-A1018 M48A3 Late. US Marines in Vietnam. 1st Tk Bn.

Please visithttp://star-decals.net/index.html for full previews of the sets.

Best regards,

Johan Lexell, Star-Decals
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