1/72 Figures

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1/72 Figures

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Hello Peter
You might want to look at Preiser figures. They are made of hard plastic and so are workable. Preiser seem to specialize in German/Russian items. They vary in quality a little over the years but the more recent sets are really fine pieces of work.

My own figures are in resin - Thanks Stuart for the plug. For the time being I make mostly late WWII British subjects with a few Germans thrown in for company. I'm looking to expand the range of figures to many other topics over time...

Here's a direct link to my figure sets: http://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/figures-14-c.asp

Here's a link to a place that lists the 1/72 Preiser figures:

http://www.gaugemaster.com/search_resul ... s&strType=

Hope it helps.

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