1/6th printed WW2 USA cigarette packs

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1/6th printed WW2 USA cigarette packs

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As promised to several modellers I have re-worked the 1/6th WW2 USA cigarette pack sheets & these are now available:-

1:6th - £3.25 per sheet - This is a suggested mix the volumes of items can be adjusted within the A4 sheet size - the green items are WW2 issue book matches

I combined sheets #26 + #27 - for both plain & cork tipped on a single sheet

I had to break sheet#28 into three as too much for a single 1/6th sheet

You can find our stuff on Ebay under the_continental_op:-

http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/the_con ... 283?_rdc=1

Our postage offer of up to 5 sheets for single P+P charge still applies

or just email us:-

Black Bart Models

NB See below for Vietnam sheets #70 ,#71 ,#72 & #73 + German WW2 #50
We also do WW2 French cigarettes-#60 & #61 , K-Ration Boxes & Mineral Water boxes
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