1:35 to 1:6 - Newspapers- WW2 - German, French, Netherlands & Soviet

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1:35 to 1:6 - Newspapers- WW2 - German, French, Netherlands & Soviet

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Following the interest in the German WW2 Newspapers I have added French, Netherlands & Soviet.

Also in the German some "funny papers" & pin-ups

As I'm using a thinner sheet - you have the option of gluing them together to form a newspaper without creating unrealistic bulk.

As with all our stuff they are availabe in any scale from 1/6th downwards - 1/35th for £1.25 per item + P+P - (Our postage offer on printed sheets of up to 5 sheets for single P+P charge still applies for ALL printed items)

You can find our stuff on Ebay under the_continental_op:-

http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/the_con ... 283?_rdc=1

I use Ebay as I think you should have some idea of the reputation of from whom you are buying & this is a sparetime operation.
( I'm using the "new" multi-variation auction style to give easy choices )

or just email us:-

Black Bart Models

NB We also do -CIGARETTE PACKS: VIETNAM WAR-American-VietCong-ARVN, MODERN - American-British-Iraqi, WW2 - German-British-American-French : K-RATIONS - Individual meal-Combined : NEWSPAPERS - WW2 German-French-Netherlands-Soviet, Modern Arabic & MINERAL WATER BOXES - Afghanistan-Iraq-Desert Storm