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1/35 news from STAR-DECALS

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May 26th, 2017, 12:35 pm #1

Dear Sirs,

The new 1/35 sets:

35-C1063 Befehlspanzer # 7. Bef.PzKpfw Tiger I and Tiger 2 of the Waffen-SS.
35-C1064 Befehlspanzer # 8. Bef.PzKpfw Tiger I and Tiger 2 of the Heer.
35-C1065 British FV432 and M548. Desert Storm (Op. Granby) 1991.
35-C1066 Balkan Peacekeepers # 6. FV 432 Trojan. UNPROFOR in Bosnia.
35-C1067 Balkan Peacekeepers # 7. The Light Infantry. FV432, Scimitar, Warrior, IFOR in Bosnia.
35-C1068 Australian Matilda. Matilda 2 inch Gun tank.
35-C1069 Australian Matilda. Matilda Close Support and Dozer tank.
35-C1070 Tigers of LSSAH. 13./SS-Pz-Reg. LSSAH 1943-44 (Kursk and beyond).
35-C1071 Tigers of Das Reich. 8./SS-Pz-Reg. Das Reich Spring 1943 (incl. TIKI).
35-C1072 Tigers of Das Reich. s.SS-Pz-Kp. Das Reich 1943-44 (Kursk and beyond).
35-C1073 M48A3 Early model. US Marines in Vietnam. 1st, 3rd, 5th Tk Bn.
35-C1074 M48A3 Late model. US Marines in Vietnam. 1st Tk Bn.
35-C1075 M67 Zippo. US Marines flame tanks in Vietnam.
35-C1076 M48A3 Patton. 69th Armoured Regiment in Vietnam.

35-C1077 Polish Tanks in Italy 1943-45. Tanks, Halftrack, Jeep, Armoured Cars, Prev. sold as Bison-Decals 35049.
35-C1078 M4A3 Sherman on Iwo Jima. Gun and flame tanks. Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35082.
35-C1079 Skoda LT vz 35. Romania, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia. Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35117.
35-C1080 Czech Hetzers. The Prague uprising in May 1945. Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35127.
35-C1081 M50 Super Sherman. Six Day War in 1967. Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35165.
35-C1082 LVT-2 and LVT(A)-2. British LVT Buffalo in NWE 1944-45 (1). Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35168.
35-C1083 LVT-4 of RTR 11. British LVT Buffalo in NWE 1944-45 (2). Previous sold as Bison-Decals 35169.
35-C1084 LVT-4 Walcheren, Arnheim, Rhein. British Buffalo in NWE 1944-45 (3). Prev. sold as Bison-Decals 35170.

Please visithttp://star-decals.net/index.html for full previews of the sets.

Best regards,

Johan Lexell, Star-Decals
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