1/35 Dragon $25 free shipping W/special offer

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1/35 Dragon $25 free shipping W/special offer

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June 14th, 2012, 3:56 am #1

Hey all &^)
$25.00 each price includes shipping to U.S.A. only!!
paypal is ok(davemichelle69@msn.com) if you mark payment as a gift........ or use a money order..
these are the only forms of payment I accept..
please put number & description along with your shiping adress with your payment so I don't make any mistakes
the special deal is if you buy a kit and want a pe set from my lists below I'll sell the pe set for $8 insted of $10 and ship it w/ the kit free !!

all kits in shrink
6101 borgworg IV demo vechicle
9039 DAK Pz II C
6100 sdkfz 250/1
6102 SdKfz 250/8
6042 Sturminfantrigeshutz III
6040 Kugleblitz
6009 Stug III C/D
9035 stug III C/75mm L/48 (not in shrink)
9044 DAK Pz IV F/1
9043 Jadgpanzer IV L/70 command version (not in shrink)
9031 Stug III A Michael Witman
9040 9040 Pz III E
6096 su-85
6043 Stug IV late