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Newt didn't quite get people. They were complicated like the biggest problems in the world that even him as a Ravenclaw would probably never possibly understand. This didn't stop him from forming friendships but it did stop him from even thinking about dating. He was just too awkward for that sort of thing anyway. Just the thought of anyone ever kissing him sent him running for the hills. He would much rather let his brother and sister have the fun with dating. He'd rather cook. Because food was something he was insanely good at. Food was not complicated. It was simple and came with step by step instructions that were both easy to follow and fun to experiment with.

Yes, food was indeed better than people. And who needed a girlfriend or boyfriend when they had cupcakes? Speaking of which, cupcakes were really something he could get behind. He'd woken up this morning with a craving for something sweet anyway. But he'd been too busy during the day to actually go off to the kitchens and actually make any. He had however taken some time out of his day to help the house elves cook dinner. He always loved helping them out in whatever way he could and in return they typically gave him free reign of the kitchens whenever he felt the urge to cook something.

So he didn't even hesitate to go to the kitchens when he woke up in the middle of the night. Cupcakes were simply calling his name a bit more than sleep was. And there wasn't anything genuinely wrong with a midnight snack, in his opinion anyway. He made sure to greet the house elves as soon as he walked in and even took a few minutes to chit chat. But once that was all over he grabbed all the ingredients together that were necessary to make strawberry cupcakes. He made sure to grab some cream cheese frosting as well since he was craving it.

But about halfway through his mixing process he heard the door to the kitchens open. The house elves seemed to have made themselves scarce so he was forced to make himself useful. "Umm hey," he greeted awkwardly. "Anything I can help you with?"

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Nataliya had woken up starving.

She hated when that happened, because it meant she had pushed her whole not eating a meal or two thing too far. And that meant she was slipping, and not being as careful as she tried to be. Because the thing was, Nataliya wasn’t trying to stare herself, she wasn’t trying to pass out from lack of energy, which is what food gave her. She was just trying to get a little skinner, and skipping a meal or two seemed to be the best way to do that.

Of course when she went too far her body stopped telling her it was hungry until it just started screaming it at her at random intervals. Like in the middle of the night, when it was trying to claw itself apart in the desire for something other than stomach acid to digest. And since it was her fault for not keeping better track of when she had last ate amid all of her school work and practicing, she needed to go now.

So with a sigh, she slipped out of her bed and pulled a bathrobe around her nightgown, tying the dark blue robe tight. She slid on her flats and padded out of her dorm, careful not to wake anyone up, especially either of her animals. If either Paulina or Firefly woke up they would want to go with her. Paulina was easy enough to keep in her dorm, even if the little kitten was very stubborn, but Firefly was less so. Beagles liked to bay, and with Nataliya’s luck she would wake up the entire dormitory of Ravenclaw students. Between her animals and her summers home trying not to wake her mother or earn her displeasure, Nataliya had learned how to be quiet when necessary.

So she slipped through the shadows, trying to stay unnoticed by any ghosts, professors, or caretakers. She was lucky to have avoided most everyone who might be awake at night, and especially any of the living. She had prefects to worry about too she remembered, and the last thing that Nataliya wanted was to lose her house points. Or to earn detention. She had other things to do rather than whatever task was set for detention that day.

She slipped into the kitchens thinking she was home free, only to stop short at the sight of a boy mixing something. He was a fellow Ravenclaw wasn’t he? She felt like she had seen him before, and she usually had a thing for faces, at least enough to know she had seen them somewhere with a vague sense of where that somewhere had been. Of course there were certain people in this school everyone knew, even if they had never talked to them. This boy, she didn’t think he was one of them though.

And he seemed just as uncertain as she was.

“Um, hi.” She took a deep breath. She wasn’t exactly the shy type, but she hadn’t been expecting to see anyone else here tonight. She had been hoping no one would know she was out eating late at night…but then again, people did it all the time for normal reasons right? Exactly.

Deep breath, Nat, she thought. No one is going to know if you just act normal. So stop being weird.

She offered a half-smile. “I just wanted to grab a salad. Midnight craving, you know? I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” She waved. “I’m Nataliya, by the way.”